A simple medieval role playing setting based of Crossroads Keep from Neverwinter Nights 2.
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 Fox (Apparently 10 letters are minimum.)

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PostSubject: Fox (Apparently 10 letters are minimum.)   Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:12 am

Fox is a werefox rogue/fighter trained in grappling skills and uses her natural claws in battle.

Fox grew up as an animal. She was a pet for a petty baron. He found something amusing the the girl, both as an animal and a small child. His guard captain saw the possibility to make a capable bodyguard for the duke, and taught her the basics of combat. When she was twelve the duke was killed in a war. She was blamed for failing her duty and exiled. She spent another five years among foxes, growing rather feral, but she still had a love of civilized life and enjoys some of the coddling a pet gets.

She's been adopted by a few owners, but with the wars against the dark she's lost most of them. Now, she's coming to the keep...

She spends all but a handful of her time in fox form. Most have never seen her in human form. She lost her right eye, but her hearing and smell help her adapt. She doesn't carry many magical items (or regular items really...) except one. Her bell-collar has a strong abjuration upon it: When activated it makes the wearer and the bell silent, their stealth holding no peer. Otherwise, she relies on cunning and claw.

She isn't an animal, but she's very close. She's not especially clever or creative, but she's cunning and hard to pin, more like a fox than a woman. Still, she's not attracted to male foxes or other animals. Still, it does make her gullible and easily outsmarted in subtle things. When in human form, she still acts like a fox, smelling people and her hackles raising when mad.

As a note, she's always naked save for the collar. She's animal enough to see clothes as needless.
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Fox (Apparently 10 letters are minimum.)
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