A simple medieval role playing setting based of Crossroads Keep from Neverwinter Nights 2.
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 Calliara Frostwind

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Character sheet
Character Name: Calliara
Race: Half elf
Class/Job: Ranger / Bard

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PostSubject: Calliara Frostwind   Calliara Frostwind I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 03, 2011 1:28 am

Player: Chris

Character Name: Calliara (War Song) Frostwind, also called White Wolf, Hawkeye, Calli, or 'damned little slut'

Gender: Female

Race: Half moon elf (father), half uthgardt (mother)

Class: Ranger / Bard

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Job: In first place Calliara is a Chosen of Solonor, one of his First Arrows (some kind of paladin, more like a commando). Secondly, she can work as a mercenary, guide, bounty hunter (just if she thinks the job is right and not a murder), ...

Age: Lived for 25 human years, in reality she is, looks and acts like a teenager of 16-17

Preferred weapon: An elvencraft bow (called Beyond) which has its own magic (+10 ice) and its own thoughts about who is its owner. She is the only one who can hold it, for the rest of living beings the bow is painfully frozen to the touch. She also has two curved blades of the length of a forearm, knives, two spiked chains, and other things. She also has a Wolf companion, a female white wolf with golden eyes named Carhelka (Frozen Fang), which is more than she seems. Finally, in some of her earrings Calliara has transforming spells, with those she can transform in different animal forms to fight if needed. Also, by nature she can transform into a white wolf, slightly bigger and more muscular than Carhelka, but with her usual icy blue-grey eyes with golden spots.

Original or Canon: Original

Features: Average height (but short for an average human) and quite thin but very athletic, long white hair that reaches her low back, adorned with some little braids with white, blue or black little crystal spheres. Icy blue eyes with little golden spots (unless you’re very close you won’t see them). Very pale skin, Nordic style. Incredibly beautiful and looking more elven than human, but not completely, and she looks just as young as she is, or even more. A good picture of her is
Calliara Frostwind Callia10
that a friend made for me, but her eyes are more icy blue-grey and the golden spots are barely noticed. She wears numerous carved silver earrings in both ears, and many of them contain spells that she can use by her will. She usually wears tight clothes with many buckles (leather pants, leather jacket with turtle neck, many belts, tall boots, archer fingerless gloves and bracelets), in deep brown or green tones for better camouflage, or white when she is in northern territories. She looks like a cute and young barbarian, and usually people (mostly men) are attracted to her (sexually even)

Calliara was born during a snow storm in the Icewind Dale among the nomad uthgardt tribe of the White Wolf, who in the past where related to the cursed tribe of the Gray Wolf. Her mother was a widow with two young children, a son and a daughter, and her father was a ranger/bard moon elf that was living with the tribe and had fell for the woman. None of them expected to have offspring, but there she was. Calliara grew up happily living with the tribe, being loved by everyone and specially by her father (who by the way had an 'official' noble elven wife and three children in Silverymoon). She never knew anything about races, hate, racism or anything like that, just love and joy, until she was ten. Frost giants attacked the tribe one night and slaughtered many, her parents among them: her mother was just crushed, her father tried with his wolf companion (a white wolf named Khoradon) to protect as many as they could, but both of them were killed as well. Gaeron Frostwind had a particularly terrible death: devoured by a giant, alive. Calliara still has nightmares with that night, and that's one reason for what she never sleeps too much, afraid of the death she always see. Not long after that, Calliara 'found' her own companion, a white female wolf cub, Carhelka.

While she was growing up and slowly (so slowly) becoming a woman, Calliara started feeling different than her uthgardt friends. Where they were almost all grown up by their teen years, she was still a child although her spirit was aching for traveling and leaving the Icewind Dale. Then, when she was barely fourteen she left for good, but made the promise of coming back, her two half siblings begged for it. First she went to Silverymoon, curious about her father's elven family and innocently thinking they would be nice as her father had been. But her step mother was cruel and harsh, and so where the two oldest daughters, and the only one who was nice to her was the only son, Caelor, who phisically was just like Gaeron had been, and a ranger as well. Many things happened in Silverymoon and Calliara left, depressed, offended and terribly sad, and not wanting anymore to be an elf like her father. From there she traveled south to Calimsham, where she studied in a bard school, determined to not become a ranger for personal reasons. But in the end, the call was too strong and the young half elf traveled again to Evereska to start her training with the Solonor's cult. She had to work harder and further than other initiates because of her heritage, but eventually the god himself raised her to one of the highest and most wanted ranks among the cult: the First Arrows, chosen by Solonor. Her father, and her father's brother before him had been First Arrows as well. Solonor lets his adepts to live freely and wander protecting the roads, the forests and working in whatever they want, just following his code, so Calliara became an occasional mercenary, caravan's guide, guard, and other things, but always choosing the 'righteous' jobs and rejecting others. But being a chosen one, and specially from the Frostwind bloodline has many flaws...

Personality: Calliara is carefree with her own security sometimes, but extremely cautious when she is working or protecting anyone. She is charming, flirtatious, gentle, cheerful, chirpy, friendly and generous, honest to the point of being blunt or just naive sometimes, naughty like a child, open-minded and reliable, shyer than she would look like sometimes, talkative, VERY stubborn and rebel, chatterer sometimes, impulsive and sometimes crazy, some would think she is masochist for getting in trouble more often that what health says, irresistibly fun and bubbly, loves pranks, outdoors living but also enjoys a busy city from time to time, specially markets. She adores children (every time she goes back to her tribe, usually during winter, all the kids call her 'auntie Calli' and she adores them and babysit them). Also, she has one fatal flaw: she is addicted to sex and has an incredible stamina, but this is one of the flaws the Frostwind bloodline has for being chosen by Solonor. There are worse ones.

Special things about her: Calliara has some special markings on her, such as many scars on her skin, the life of an adventurer... but one is special: a big, knotted scar on her low stomach that has a bitter story behind and hides a lot about her behaviour, past, present, future and her relationship with her God... and her absolute terror of falling in love (again). This scar, and one of the flaws that are part of being a Frostwind, are the reasons for what Calliara lives every day as if it was the last in her life, with all what it takes. She is obsessed with living and taste everything (or everyone xD) she wants or pleases, just in case.

Also, she has tattoos on her back, following her spine, two vertical lines of writing, on the left are uthgardt runes, on the right elven writing with the same meaning, and all of them are insults elves had told her during her (short) life, such as 'bitch without race', 'casteless slut', 'half human', 'half blood', 'bastard', things like that. Her inner left wrist has an uthgardt rune meaning 'Mixed Blood', on her right one she has the same in elven writing.


Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once

Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about

If you are going through hell, keep going

Death smiles at us all. All we can do is smile back

Never take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway

We don’t live as we wish, but as we can

Live every day as if it were your last and drink it to your last sip, because one of these days you will be right

I think it's worse the unknown that the certainty; I'd prefer to die tomorrow knowing I did what I wanted than living a thousand years thinking why I didn't
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Zabrard Mazel

Zabrard Mazel

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PostSubject: Re: Calliara Frostwind   Calliara Frostwind I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 10, 2011 11:31 pm

Welcome aboard, comrade !

Sorry for such an unoriginal welcoming, but I'm a bit too tired right now to be imaginative...Still, I'm pleased to see new characters in this forum ! Hopefully, your coming will put the adventures back on track !

See ya on the battelfield Wink
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Posts : 4
Join date : 2010-06-08
Age : 34
Location : Usually on the road

Character sheet
Character Name: Calliara
Race: Half elf
Class/Job: Ranger / Bard

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PostSubject: Re: Calliara Frostwind   Calliara Frostwind I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 17, 2011 9:13 pm

That's what I hope! However, I'm still not sure where I can fit; if I should join an open thread or wait for Avera to decide if we should start a new one. Thanks for the welcoming!
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PostSubject: Re: Calliara Frostwind   Calliara Frostwind I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2011 6:20 am

CALLIIIII!!! *hugs and snuggles*

Just pounce right in on Walking Down a Sunlit Path and find a way to put Calli in. Maybe she was hunting or traveling to Crossroads Keep in the woods ... or hunting down this bandit group these guys just killed. Maybe revenge, maybe just traveling, maybe ...

Anyway, Alex has posted and I await either you or Zabrard.

Alex - Lathander cleric - human

Zabrard - Tiefling magical fighter with a tude

Neeshka - Tiefling ... canon, not sure if you remember her

Avera - Bardic Ranger halfling with a tude as well

A big, grey dire wolf

Start her up my friend Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Calliara Frostwind   Calliara Frostwind I_icon_minitime

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Calliara Frostwind
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